SlimCrystal is a water bottle with a built-in container of natural crystals. As you pour water into the bottle, that water contacts the container surrounding the crystals. The crystals infuse the water with their unique healing power, making it easier to lose weight and enjoy other benefits.

I was really impressed with this product and I started seeing a difference within just a couple of days. My energy levels are so much better and the weight has been falling off. My husband Jim said I look 10 years younger and I’ve only been using this product for 3 weeks so my confidence is sky high.

How Does SlimCrystal Work?

Each SlimCrystal slimming water bottle contains a combination of nine crystals. Each natural crystal infuses the water with different properties, allowing you to tackle weight loss and overall health in multiple ways.

The SlimCrystal water bottle contains a small container filled with nine crystals at the base of the bottle. As water enters the bottle, it contacts the container surrounding the crystals and infuses their properties into the surrounding water to support a range of benefits.

The science behind SLIMCRYSTAL is actually pretty simple. The natural crystals in the water bottle help to curb your appetite by making you feel fuller longer. They also boost your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories and lose weight.

How do crystals help weight loss?

There are many ways that crystals can help with weight loss. One way is by increasing your metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which your body burns calories. The more active your metabolism, the more calories you will burn, and the easier it will be to lose weight. Crystals can also help to suppress your appetite, so that you eat less and lose weight more quickly. Finally, crystals can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to overeating and weight gain.

I have personally found that SLIMCRYSTAL water bottle has helped me to lose weight in all of these ways. I have noticed that my metabolism has increased since using this product, and I have not been as hungry throughout the day. I have also found that I am less stressed and anxious, which has helped me to avoid overeating.

What to Expect After Drinking SlimCrystal Water

The primary benefit of SlimCrystal is that you can lose weight naturally. According to a study cited on the official website, people have lost significant weight in a short period without exercising while drinking crystal-infused water from their SlimCrystal bottles.
According to the makers of SlimCrystal, the nine crystals within the bottle can provide amazing health benefits to your body, including all of the following:
●    Increase metabolism and energy
●    Heal different conditions
●    Reduce appetite and cravings
●    Support detoxification and improve digestion
●    Increase confidence, self-image, willpower, and inner strength
●    Support health while balancing internal organs and hormones

The crystals can also increase your inner vibration to help you attract abundance and happiness, helping you enjoy potent effects.

What crystals does SLIMCRYSTAL contain?

SLIMCRYSTAL contains a variety of natural crystals, including:


We all know that amethyst is a pretty purple crystal, but did you know that it also has some pretty great health benefits? For one, amethyst is said to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. It’s also been used to treat headaches, insomnia, and even depression.

Amethyst is also said to be helpful in boosting the immune system and promoting healing. In fact, many people use amethyst crystals in their healing practices.

Clear quartz

When it comes to health and healing, clear quartz is one of the most versatile and powerful crystals out there. Its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals and stones makes it ideal for use in crystal grids and healing layouts. Clear quartz is also known for its ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy, making it perfect for use in chakra balancing and meditation.


Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that has many health benefits. It can improve circulation, detoxify the body, and boost the immune system. It can also help to relieve stress and tension, and promote relaxation.


Moonstone is a type of crystal that is said to have many health benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and boosting energy levels. Moonstone is also said to help with PMS symptoms, headaches, and hot flashes.


Citrine is a yellow-to-orange variety of quartz that is said to have numerous health benefits. These benefits include improving digestion, stimulating the immune system, and relieving stress and anxiety. Citrine is also said to be helpful in treating colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses.


Carneline is a powerful crystal that can be used to improve your health in many ways. It is said to boost the immune system, help with detoxification, and promote healing. Carneline is also believed to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease pain.

Red Agate

Red agate is said to be a powerful, grounding stone. It is often used for protection and stability. It is also said to be helpful in balancing the energies of the body, mind, and spirit. Red agate is said to be helpful in promoting courage, strength, and vitality. It is also said to be helpful in improving circulation and detoxification.

Red Lasper

Red Lasper is a type of crystal that is said to have a variety of health benefits. These benefits include helping to improve circulation, detoxify the body, and boost the immune system. Additionally, Red Lasper is also said to be helpful in treating anxiety and depression.

Green Aventurne

Green aventurne is a beautiful, translucent green crystal that has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It is said to be helpful in treating liver and gallbladder problems, as well as digestive issues. It is also believed to be beneficial in aiding the immune system and reducing inflammation.


Yes, SLIMCRYSTAL is safe to use. The natural crystals in the water bottle are non-toxic and there are no known side effects associated with using this product.

How much SLIMCRYSTAL water should I drink daily?

I would recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day while using SLIMCRYSTAL to help promote weight loss.

Who created SLIMCRYSTAL?

SLIMCRYSTAL was created by a team of scientists and crystal experts. Their goal was to create a natural weight loss product that would help people lose weight safely and effectively.

Can you buy SLIMCRYSTAL from Amazon, Walmart or Walgreens?

No, you can only buy SLIMCRYSTAL from the official website.

How much does SLIMCRYSTAL cost?

SLIMCRYSTAL costs $117 for one bottle, or $197 for two bottles ($97 each).

Slimcrystal pricing

Does SLIMCRYSTAL have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, SLIMCRYSTAL offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you buy it from the official website.

What have other people said about SLIMCRYSTAL?

I’ve only been using SLIMCRYSTAL for a week, but I’ve already lost 5 pounds! This stuff really works! – Sarah K.

I was skeptical about SLIMCRYSTAL at first, but after trying it, I’m a believer! It helped me lose weight and curbed my appetite. – John C.

If you’re looking for a natural way to lose weight, I would highly recommend SLIMCRYSTAL! – Emma W.

Is Slimcrystal a scam or legit?

SLIMCRYSTAL is absolutely legitimate and has helped me tremendously to get rid of that annoying belly fat. The product contains natural crystals that have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss. Additionally, there are many positive reviews from people who have used the product and seen results.

My personal experience with SLIMCRYSTAL

My personal experience with SLIMCRYSTAL has been fantastic and I only wish I would of discovered this sooner. I had been struggling to lose weight for years, and no matter what I tried, the pounds just wouldn’t come off. But after using SLIMCRYSTAL for just a few weeks, I finally started seeing results.

I’m not sure what it is about the crystals in the water bottle, but they really do seem to work wonders. After 10 pounds just melted away in three weeks, I finally feel confident and proud of my body again.

What’s the official SLIMCRYSTAL website?

You can find the official SLIMCRYSTAL website here.


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