SonoVive Review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?

What is Sonovive?

SonoVive is a nutritional supplement that claims to restore your hearing using natural ingredients. Formulated for consumers with hearing loss, deafness, age-related hearing problems, and other ear health issues, SonoVive is made in Aurora, Colorado by a US-based supplement company.

Sonovive is a hearing loss supplement that promises to help those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. According to their website, Sonovive is an all-natural way to improve your hearing. They also claim that it can help with other conditions like tinnitus and Meniere’s disease. I had been searching for a natural hearing loss supplement for a while, so I was intrigued when I found Sonovive.

I took Sonovive as directed for two weeks. After the first week, I noticed a slight improvement in my hearing. My family members also noticed that I was responding more quickly to conversations and seemed to be less distracted by background noise. By the end of the second week, my hearing had improved noticeably. I was able to follow conversations better and my family members were no longer asking me to repeat myself.

Click here for the official Sonovive website.

How does SonoVive work?

Primarily Sonovive is a hearing health supplement but Sonovive was created with two purposes in mind. The creator’s aim is to increase human hearing and cognitive functions.
This supplement was packed with brain-boosting chemicals that improve your normal brain health. This supplement contains some of the best hand-picked herbs that are present in other products in this category.
Among the proven components chosen are those that have been used for generations in Chinese traditional medicine to boost cognition. Ginkgo biloba is one such component that has been utilized in traditional medicine for millennia.
Hearing takes place in the brain rather than in the ears. The ear merely collects sound to be detected and processed by the brain. When the sound goes via the ears, the brain processes the auditory information.
Sonovive’s primary goal in operation is not the ears, but the brains. Hearing loss is caused by the brain’s inability to process information. Difficulty understanding conversations or tinnitus can also be caused by the brain’s inability to properly process information.

Sonovive Supplement Ingredients

All of the SonoVive ingredients appear to have been thoroughly examined, and none of them appear to cause any adverse responses. The supplement’s formulation appears to be entirely natural, with no unnatural chemical additives. The following are the substances found in the supplement:


SonoVive’s second-most important element is L-glutamine, an amino acid. SonoVive contains 150mg of L-glutamine per serving. L-glutamine, like other amino acids, has numerous functions throughout the body. It influences muscle development and the generation of neurotransmitters, for example. Although 150mg is not considered a high dose, SonoVive contains a tiny quantity of L-glutamine to support overall brain function, as do other nootropic products.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Another prominent herb, bacopa monnieri, has been used for generations in traditional Chinese medicine as a general wellness enhancer. According to research, it can help with cognition and memory in a variety of ways, which may make it easier for your brain to understand hearing signals from your ears.


Phosphatidylserine is a natural chemical found in several nootropics that have been related to memory, focus, and overall cognition. Phosphatidylserine, according to various studies, can indirectly promote hearing and ear health by improving brain health and cognition.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort, a common herb in traditional medicine, has been used for ages to treat a variety of diseases. Although there is limited evidence that it can enhance or correct hearing problems, it may support inflammation throughout your body and ear, which may aid with hearing problems.


SonoVive supplement contains a very small dosage of vinpocetine which is only 2mg. Vinpocetine is a well-known and well-studied brain enhancer that may be found in a variety of nootropic products. It’s a seed extract that has been linked to improved memory, cognition, and overall brain health.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-glutamine and N-Acetyl L-carnitine are two amino acids found in SonoVive. L-carnitine acetylated functions similarly to L-glutamine. It’s a protein and neurotransmitter building block that may help cognition and overall brain health in a variety of ways. Although it has not been proven to directly affect the ear, some studies show that it can improve blood flow, which may make hearing easier.

Huperzine A

SonoVive’s eighth and final component is huperzine A. According to research, Huperzine A can help with cognition, focus, and overall brain health. If your hearing problems are related to brain problems, the Huperzine A in SonoVive may be able to help.

What are the pros and cons of Sonovive?


  • All-natural ingredients
  • No known side effects
  • Inexpensive compared to other hearing treatments


  • May not work for everyone

Sonovive Supplement Benefits

In this section of Sonovive reviews, we will talk about the benefits of this sonovive supplement. Hearing loss occurs when any part of the ear is impaired. The Sonovive supplement, on the other hand, keeps the auditory nerve healthy and cures ear damage, assuring normal hearing. In order to learn more about Sonovive supplement see the enlisted benefits down below:

Improves Brain Health

You may also be able to improve your brain health by utilizing this dietary supplement on a regular basis. It has chemicals that might protect the nerves and brain from injury. Because of the Sonovive supplement’s various constituents, you may experience additional health benefits such as increased immunity, lower oxidative stress, and so on.

Promotes Ear Health

Sonovive supplement is an all-natural supplement that contains pure ingredients that promote hearing health. These ingredients are used by ancient people to promote ear health. All these extracts are now combined together into a supplement that can help to promote hearing.
By taking the supplement on a regular basis, you may be able to avoid hearing difficulties such as hearing loss. It may also aid to improve your brain health by protecting the nerves and brain in several ways. The Sonovive supplement may help you improve your hearing health from within and give you keen hearing as a result of nourishing your ear membranes and brain cells.

Improve Your Overall Health

Many of the substances used are antioxidant-rich. They may aid in the prevention of hearing disorders caused by oxidative stress. You may also be able to prevent inflammation in the body.
Some of the chemicals utilized can help your immune system perform better. You may be able to increase blood circulation in the body by utilizing the sonovive supplement on a daily basis. As a result, some substances have the ability to decrease blood pressure and safeguard brain function.


This Sonovive supplement is made up of natural ingredients which means there are no stimulants added to it. After consuming this supplement you will not get addicted to it you can discontinue it when you’ll get your desired results.

Made With 100% Natural Ingredients

All the ingredients used in the Sonovive Supplement are completely pure and natural. These ingredients are hand-picked and most of these are traditional herbs. It does not contain any stimulants or artificial ingredients that might worsen your condition or prove harmful to you.
All the ingredients of the Sonovive supplement are acquired from local producers that let plants mature naturally and do not use chemical treatments. The extract of the ingredients is processed in a hygienic environment with routinely disinfected equipment.

Reduce Ear Inflammation

Infections and disorders can affect your eardrum. It can impair your hearing, which can be difficult in everyday life. Anti-inflammatory substances are used in the natural and safe recipe to lessen the burning feeling in the ear.
It can help to alleviate ear pain and discomfort. Many disorders and infections cause considerable ear drum damage. You will notice an improvement in your condition after taking the supplement consistently for a few weeks.

Does Sonovive help with tinnitus symptoms?

Yes, I’ve found that Sonovive really does help to reduce the ringing in my ears. I used to have constant tinnitus and it was really bothering me, but since I’ve been taking Sonovive, the ringing has significantly decreased.

How much does Sonovive improve general hearing?

I started taking Sonovive about a month ago and my hearing has noticeably improved. I can now have conversations without having to strain to hear what the other person is saying.

Who should take Sonovive?

Sonovive is recommended for adults aged 18 years and older who are experiencing hearing loss or who are at risk for developing hearing loss. It is also safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

How do I take Sonovive?

Sonovive is available in capsules and can be taken once or twice daily, depending on your needs.

Is Sonovive safe?

Sonovive is safe for most adults when used as directed. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your healthcare provider before taking this supplement.

What are the side effects of Sonovive?

Sonovive is generally well-tolerated and does not cause any serious side effects. The most common side effects include mild gastrointestinal upset and headache. If you experience any severe side effects, you should discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider immediately.

How much does Sonovive cost?

Sonovive starts at $49 per bottle if you buy a batch of six, otherwise it costs $69 per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 pills (30 day supply).

Sonovive pricing

Where can I buy Sonovive?

Sonovive is available for purchase online.

Does Sonovive come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Sonovive comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee if you but it from the official website.

Is Sonovive a scam or legit?

I was pretty skeptical at first as I always am with these type of products. My hearing became so much clearer and felt like how my hearing used to be when I was in my 20’s. I’ve tried a lot of so-called “natural” remedies that haven’t worked, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sonovive. But after just a few days of taking the supplement, I noticed a significant improvement in my hearing. It was amazing.

I could actually hear people talking to me from across the room, and background noise didn’t seem as loud or overwhelming anymore. I even started wearing my headphones less, because I didn’t need them to filter out all the noise like I used to.

If you’re considering trying Sonovive, I would say go for it. It’s definitely worth a try, and you might be surprised at how well it works. Who knows, it could change your life like it did mine.

There’s no doubt that Sonovive is a legitimate product.

What’s the official Sonovive website?

Click here for the video version of the official Sonovive website.



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